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Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in Colombia

Tax breaks / incentives

Colombia offers a cash rebate or cash reimbursement for films partially or totally produced in Colombia (feature films, TV movies, series of at least two episodes, documentaries and animation.)

In 2012, a new law was passed to offer a cash rebate or cash reimbursement for productions partially or totally made in Colombia. The two-tier system provides 40% for film services, which includes services related to audiovisual production or post-production, artistic and technical services, with a minimum $600,000 local spend. Another 20% is available to film logistical services - this includes services provided for transport, accommodation and food.

These rebates are a percentage of the amount spent, and are paid by the Colombia Film Fund to services provided by Colombian companies or people domiciled and residing in the country.  

In 2014, Medellin became the only city in Colombia that offered cash rebates on top of the national incentives for filmmakers. The city increased its tax rebates by 15%.

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