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Exclusive focus on international productions. Able to assist with on the ground research of a story or every other aspect of production


FC Production Services Ltd
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Providing logistics and production services to international production companies filming in Croatia. ...since 2004. Our services extend to Slovenia and Balkan countries of Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. We can assist with location scouting, story development, fixers, local production crews, equipment, transportation, scheduling, budgeting, accommodation, catering and location permits. Our sole focus is providing production services to international productions. Our local knowledge, professionalism and experience of working exclusively with international productions guarantee a comfort, delivery and a standard of work that foreign producers expect. We are experienced creative minds and able to assist with on the ground research and/or development of a story or every other aspect of production. We are a full-scale production company and have the ability to produce and assist on various productions including films, documentary films, reality and other TV series, commercial spots, music videos and TV programming at any level of cost or complexity. We tailor our services to meet the exact production needs. Everything from the full support of well established production services company to individual bi-lingual fixers, location managers and line producers. Our services include: - Arrangement of entry visas, work permits and location releases - Location Scout - Industry experienced Fixers and PA's - Providing and coordinating local crew - Development and processing of local production budgets - Arranging all logistical aspects for accommodation, transport and catering - Equipment rentals - Facilitating high level contacts - Providing rare/original B-roll footage

Production Year Type Role
PLANET EARTH - Silverback / BBC 2019 Documentary Location Manager
AMAZING RACE - WRP / CBS 2018 TV Location Producer/ Production services
RETOUR A L'INSTINCT PRIMAIRE - 909 Productions 2018 TV Location Producer/ Production services
CATHERINE THE GREAT - New Pictures 2018 Film Location Manager/ Production services
WEEKENDER BOAT PARTY - ITV 2018 TV Location Manager/ Production services
THE TRUTH ABOUT FAKE NEWS - MediaCorp 2018 Documentary Location Manager/ Production services
THIS IS SUMMER - Awesomeness TV / Hollister 2017 Corporate Video Production Services
DUAL SURVIVAL 2016 TV Production Services
STORY OF DAKOTA / AVA Studios 2016 Music Production Services
NAKED AND AFRAID / Renegade 83 2015 TV Production Services