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Czech Republic

Overview and productions

The Czech film industry saw a strong start to 2023, with its technicians and locations in the global spotlight as Net­flix’s First World War drama All Quiet On The Western Front basked in Oscar and Bafta glory. Make-up and hair supervisor Linda Eisenhamerova, sound mixer Viktor Prasil, VFX supervisor Viktor Müller and special effects supervisor Kamil Jafar were among the Oscar nominees, prompting Czech Republic deputy minister of culture Michal Sasek to claim it as “recognition of exceptional talents and top professionals who demonstrate the world-class level of the Czech film industry”.

Czech Film Fund CEO Helena Bezdek Frankova pointed out this success “signals to all foreign productions, platforms, co-producers and studios that Czech creatives and technical staff can head virtually all production departments”.

“The Czech Republic has always had a great history of filmmaking and new generations continue the tradition, including great craftsmanship, reliability and friendly and co-operative workflows,” notes Pavel Müller, one of the head producers at Sirena Film, the service producer for All Quiet On The Western Front. The firm has also overseen the Czech shoots for Zentropa’s The Bastard and TV series Families Like Ours, as well as See‑Saw Films/BBC Film biopic One Life, about the humanitarian Nicholas Winton, starring Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn. 

“The great benefit of the Czech Republic is the wide range of diverse locations, mostly within reasonable driving distance from Prague,” adds Müller. “[There are] a number of accessible castles and mansions, and architecture that allows one to shoot various periods or places.” 

In early 2022, the Czech Film Fund announced a substantial boost to its production incentive scheme’s annual budget, from $34.5m to $60.3m (CZK800m to CZK1.4bn). However, by late March, international producers had received notice from Czech film commissioner Pavlina Zipkova that the scheme had been suspended temporarily “mainly due to the sudden need of financial aid of humanitarian and military support to Ukraine”. 

Many international productions including Sony Pictures Entertainment/Hassell Free Productions’ reboot of The Crow, Lionsgate’s John Wick spin-off Ballerina, and Focus Features’ Nosferatu remake, directed by Robert Eggers, managed to register in time to qualify for the incentive scheme before the suspension came into effect. 

At Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2023, Czech culture minister Martin Baxa announced that, as part of plans for a new Audiovisual Act to take effect from 2025-26, international streamers will be required to pay a levy of up to 3.5% of their Czech revenues to the Czech Film Fund. Streamers making a 2.5% direct investment into local content will only pay a 1% levy to the fund. Similarly, a 1.5% direct investment will require a platform to pay a 2.5% levy.

In the case of direct investment, at least 50% of the amount will have to be invested in a co-production with an independent producer or for licensing their audiovisual works.

This reform to the Czech Film Fund’s financing should see the incentive scheme’s annual budget increase from the current $64m to $92m.

First person to contact: Pavlina Zipkova, film commissioner, Czech Film Commission:


Overview and productions


The country also boasts several impressive below-the-radar filming locations, including the recently renovated 1930s-style New Town Hall in Jablonec nad Nisou, about 15 minutes from Prague, which features a grandiose staircase with stone tiles, an observation tower and a cinema. Prague’s Charles University boasts a variety of historical interiors and exteriors, from gothic to minimalist, which are available to filmmakers.

In addition, Czech Republic is growing in popularity as a post-production hotspot. Local company MagicLab spent a year creating the visual effects for Guy Ritchie’s action film Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre, as well as overseeing the creative and technical aspects of the production, which involved more than 900 VFX shots.

Crew and infrastructure

Barrandov Studios — which handled Rupert Sanders’ reboot of The Crow and Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake — is one of the largest and oldest studios in Europe, with 13 soundstages and a 40-acre backlot that has a clear, natural horizon. Prague is also home to a burgeoning post‑production and VFX sector, with players such as UPP (All Quiet On The Western Front), PFX (Blonde) and Magiclab (Endless Borders).

Travel and logistics

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe and has direct flights to all major cities as well as Toronto, Montreal, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai and Doha.

European status

 Czech Republic continues to attract big international productions enticed by its 20% rebate, expert crews and stunning variety of locations.


Size matters

Studios are located close to Prague city centre.

First person to contact

Pavlina Zipkova, film commissioner, Czech Film Commission:

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