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Overview and recent productions

Recent international films to shoot in Finland include Netflix series Deadwind and Bordertown; Warner Bros Japan drama Snow Flower (Yuki No Hana); Estonia-Finland co-production The Last Ones; France-Finland reindeer documentary Ailo’s Journey; and Chinese-led production Iron Sky: The Ark. Studio facilities in Helsinki include Valofirma and Angel Studios. 

Infrastructure and crews

Finland has a small but respected film industry. Experienced crews are available,as well as good production services and filming equipment. The country is yet to develop world-class studio facilities but international producers come to Finland primarily for its unique filming locations.


Locations range from Finland’s famous lakes (more than 187,000 of them) to Cold War looks or urban chic in parts of Helsinki, and the snowy climes of Lapland.

First person to contact

Laura Andersson, advisor, production incentive, Business Finland,

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