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Find production companies, locations services, film equipment and camera rental companies, post production companies, film crew, and many more production services for your commercial, TV or film production in France, including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Cannes.


Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in France

Tax breaks / incentives

Conscious of the competitive threat from the UK and Germany, France has just improved its tax rebate for foreign features and TV productions. Known as TRIP (tax rebate for international production), the incentive rose from 20% to 30% at the start of January 2016.

As with the current TRIP programme, support will be available to productions that film in France for at least five days. But the amount a production can claim has risen significantly from €20m to € 30m. The hope is that this will a) stop runaway production and b) be attractive enough to encourage Hollywood to bring work to France.

In addition to the national incentives, France has 41 regional film commissions that can provide free assistance in the following areas: locations and pre-scouting, the search for crew, cast and extras (casting facilities are available in most film offices), administrative procedures including assistance in obtaining filming permits, logistical information (vehicle rental, lodging, etc.), production office facilities and documentation and relations with the press and local authorities.

The country also has co-production treaties with countries including China, South Africa, New Zealand and the UK.

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