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Sven Lehmann Managing Director & Partner


Yolo films is a specialist in film production and servicing based in Germany. The
company, founded by Christian Pannrucker and Sven Lehmann in 2017 offers the
full range of production services to advertising agencies, brands and worldwide
production companies.
Our team’s functional expertise and experience across the European and Asian Markets will ensure clients receive a productive and efficient service, informed by a deep understanding of the mode of operation and cultural differences in the respective markets. Furthermore, yolo films have access to public film funding and private content investment funds.

We stand for:
• Excellent location services
• Competitive quotes for facilities and equipment
• Very responsive for messages
• Transparency with all costs and payments
• Achieving the best deals for the client
• Good and trusted relationship with Completion Bond companies
• Ensuring local insurance is in place to cover local workers
• Knowledgeable on health and safety standards
• Budgeting, cost and production reporting

Christian Pannrucker founded yolo films in 2017. Christian has many years of
experience with feature films, commercials and television shoots. Furthermore,
he has demonstrated a great ability with fixing, associate producing, line
producing, location managing and scouting. Born to a Luxembourgish mother
and a German father, Christian spent his formative years at Kölner Filmhaus and
in the TV industry, before pursuing a career that led him across Europe and Asia.

Sven Lehmann, co-founder of yolo films, is an experienced producer involved in
more than 100 commercial works. In 2010, Sven founded his first company
SPOTUNION, a specialist in motion picture production based in Düsseldorf. Prior
to this, Sven gained extensive production experience as executive producer with
NEWCAST. Until 2004, as product manager at RTL Creation, Sven was responsible
for client relations, project development and management.




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