Argonauts Productions SA


Argonauts Productions SA is an audiovisual production company in Greece. We deliver exceptional full package services at all stages of productions.


27 Zaimi Street
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Argonauts Productions SA is one of the leading audiovisual production companies in Greece, with the production of 16 feature films, international co- productions, TV series and full production services. Shooting in Greece guarantees a 35% cash rebate, without budget limits and with eligible costs at a minimum of 100.000 euros. Cash rebate can also be given as a bank loan, prior to shooting. Also, the Greek Film Center features a fast-approved program for the Greek producer to participate as minority partner. Our network with a team of location managers and skilled professionals, our expertise to all production related aspects, shape our tools that deliver complete services during all stages of production, aiming at excellence. Greece's diversity in residents and locations in only a few thousand kilometres, the fact that it is one of the places of the world with the most recorded hours of sunshine, makes it ideal for filming.

Production Year Type Role
Ballad of a Pierced Heart 2019 Film Producer
Interrail 2018 Film Production Services
Roza of Smryna 2016 Film Producer
Morning Call 2018 Film Production Services
My Poseidon 2018 Film Production Services
Rosa of Smyrna 2016 Film Producer
Tsatsiki Farsan Och Olivkriget 2015 Film Production Services
Stratos 2014 Film Producer
Other Half 2011 Film Producer
Unutma Beni Istanbul/Do Not Forget Me Istanbul 2011 Film Co-Producer