EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication) is home to the Greek Cash Rebate and Tax Relief incentive programs.


Alexandrou Pantou
& Fragkoudi 11

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The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication-EKOME supports the audiovisual production in Greece by implementing the Greek investment incentives for audiovisual production. - Following a successful first implementation, the Cash Rebate program amounts today to 40% and has already been granted to more than a hundred of Greek and international projects. - The Tax Relief program offers a tax deduction of 30% for investment in audiovisual productions in Greece. - The National Film Offices Network operates in 13 Regions and two major Municipalities in Greece and offers a new approach to services provided swiftly and efficiently. EKOME has opened new paths for audiovisual productions wishing to benefit from Greece’s beautiful and diverse locations, its creative talent and its highly skilled film professionals and facilities. Access to Greece is easy, guaranteed through national protocols and protective measures ensuring health and safety for all visitors and professionals. Re-discover Studio Greece, home to your next best story!

Production Year Type Role
The American Runestone 2020 TV Film Funding
Café Tis Haras 2020 TV Film Funding
Taxidi Sta Asteria 2020 Film Film Funding
Kerr 2020 Film Film Funding
Ekklissia And '21 2020 TV Film Funding
Daughters 2020 Film Film Funding
Army Baby 2020 Film Film Funding
Min Psaroneis Season 3 2020 TV Film Funding
Kefalas 2020 Film Film Funding
Peta Ti Friteza Season 3 2020 TV Film Funding
Eteros Ego 3 2020 TV Film Funding
Triangle Of Sadness 2020 Film Film Funding
Broadway 2020 Film Film Funding
Deftero Spiti 2020 Film Film Funding
Irthe To Harti 2020 Film Film Funding
O Drakos Eftase 2020 Film Film Funding
Say Cheese 2020 Film Film Funding
Antoine The Fortunate 2020 TV Film Funding
42 2020 TV Film Funding
Step Dave 2020 TV Film Funding
Zombie Bride 2020 Film Film Funding
Agios Paissios 2020 TV Film Funding
Alli Mia Mera Sti Gi 2020 TV Film Funding
The Lost Daughter 2020 Film Film Funding
Mediterraneo 2020 Film Film Funding
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