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The Hellenic Film Commission, a directorate of the GREEK FILM CENTRE, is the gateway to the country’s filming opportunities. Let us guide you.


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Welcome to Greece. A country in the spotlight of the Mediterranean Sea with growing numbers of international productions. The Hellenic Film Commission (HFC) supports international audiovisual productions planning to film in Greece by providing information, advice and guidance on funding, incentives, filming permits, locations, industry guide and more, free of charge. The Hellenic Film Commission is a directorate of the GREEK FILM CENTRE which is responsible for funding majority and minority co-productions with Greece over the past thirty years. - We offer consultation to foreign producers on all aspects of filmmaking in Greece. - We connect you with the qualified Greek Industry Guide. - We guide you through the 40% Greek cash rebate (administered by EKOME). - We facilitate your filming permits by being the liaison to local authorities. - We are supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and we make sure that beneficial to the film industry policies are being implemented. - We represent Greece at the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) and the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). Let us guide you on how to collaborate with our highly skilled professionals and organize your shoots on heaven-like locations with government COVID-19 related protocols in place.

Production Year Type Role
Istanbul Homicide – Sand in the Sea (Germany, Director Ismail Sahin) 2020 Film Facilitation
Kerr (Turkey, Director Tayfun Pirselimoglu) 2020 Film Funding
Broadway (Greece, Director Christos Massalas) 2020 Film Funding
Sourir pour la Photo (France, Director Francois Uzan) 2020 Film Facilitation
Man of God (USA-Greece, Director Yelena Popovic) 2020 Film Facilitation
Mediterraneo (Spain-Greece, Director Marcel Barrena) 2020 Film Funding
The Daughters (Germany-Italy-Greece, Director Nana Neul) 2020 Film Funding
The Triangle of Sadness 2020 Film Facilitation
The Lost Daughter (USA, Director Maggie Gyllenhaal) 2020 Film Facilitation
Perrrier (Director Cary Joji Fukunaga) 2020 Commercial Facilitation
Unearthed Series 4 (UK) 2020 TV Facilitation
Besa (Libanon) 2020 TV Facilitation
Do not Hesitate (The Netherlands, Director, Shariff Korver) 2019 Film Facilitation
Adults in the Room (France, Director Costas Gavras) 2019 Film Facilitation
Born to be Murdered (USA – Italy, Director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino) 2019 Film Facilitation
Greed (UK, Director Michael Winterbottom) 2019 Film Facilitation
Eden (France, Director Dominik Moll) 2018 TV Facilitation
The Trip to Greece (UK, Director Michael Winterbottom) 2018 TV Facilitation
The Durrells (UK, Director Roger Goldby) 2018 Film Facilitation
The Little Drummer Girl (UK, Director Park Chan Wook) 2018 Film Facilitation
Window to the Sea (Spain, Director Miguel Angel Jiménez) 2018 Film Film Funding
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