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Inkas Films is a Greek production company with vast experience in production services, providing you with creative solutions from concept stage to final filming


Office 2
Pavlou Mela Street
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Inkas Films, for the past 23 years maintains a network of experienced production professionals next to talented artistic and technical experts. An active production company in the national and international film market, with many years of experience and with a variety of programs to showcase. Inkas may suggest you locations, provide you guidance and assistance with administrative procedures for permits issuance, intermediation with public services, professionals and locals, as well as assisting foreign producers to receive the cash rebate of 40%.

Production Year Type Role
Man in Room 301 2019 TV Executive Producer
Bible Land Unveiled 2018 TV Series Producer
The Bachelor 2017 TV Executive Producer
Eternal Glory 2017-19 TV Executive Producer
The Island of Secrets 2014 Film Co-Producer
Dead Europe 2012 Film Service Producer