Stefi & Lynx Productions


Stefi Productions is a full service production company located in Athens servicing both local and international clients for Commercials, Films and Television.


24 Amyklon Street
152 31

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Stefi Productions was established in 1971 and remains one of the largest companies in the Greek and International production market, with TV commercials and feature films as its core business. Stefi is a company that finds meaning through creating and making things happen in the best possible way. We collaborate with the most experienced professionals in the field and find solutions to everything. Since 2010, Stefi has been accredited as 'Company of the Year' by winning an incredible 16 production awards in the Greek Ad Festival. "We always aim to produce work that is unique and spectacular, but above all, we can and will create what you wish to be done. We look forward to meeting you!"

Production Year Type Role
Eurobank World Cup 2019 Commercial Production Company
Kia Ballet 2019 Commercial Production Services
Souroti Water Go Deeper 2019 Commercial Production Company
Hyundai i20 Bathtub 2019 Commercial Production Services
Kellog's Space 2019 Commercial Production Company
Loewe I Loewe Nature 2018 Commercial Production Service
Mastercard First Purchase 2018 Commercial Production Company
Nescafe Frappe 2018 Commercial Production Company
Nike Make your Fate 2017 Commercial Production Company
Heineken Champion The Match 2017 Commercial Production Company