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Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a vibrant film industry which provides rich opportunities to international filmmakers. It became a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China sixteen years  and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with a population of over seven million.

The government of Hong Kong is keen to promote arts and cultural development and an environment conducive to filmmaking in order to promote better understanding of the people, lifestyle, culture and scenery on offer. Hong Kong has many talented technical crews who are acknowledged throughout the world as hardworking, enthusiastic and innovative professionals.

The Hong Kong film industry offers a wide range of film production and post-production services and state-of-the-art facilities. The territory has been in a co-production treaty with South Korea since 2014.

Recent Productions

Michael Mann’s film Cyber includes the lobby of the Hang Seng bank, Michael Bay used the territory for his latest Transformers film The Age of Extinction and Spike Jonze's much acclaimed and Oscar-winning film Her also shot most of its scenes in there.

In Pacific Rim (2013), Guillermo del Toro used Hong Kong as the backdrop for the harbour battle scene in his sci-fi monster movie.

Contagion (2011) directed by Steven Soderbergh used The Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour for the casino setting. Other locations included Hong Kong International airport the Intercontinental Hotel and the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Johnny English Reborn (2011) starring Rowan Atkinson included a foot chase across the buildings of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is a filmmaker friendly destination. A general purpose filming permit is not required for filming in public places. There is an administration charge for filming on government land and premises and within Hong Kong waters. For full details of charges and restrictions contact the Hong Kong Film Services Office.

It is also advisable to inform the TV and films liaison section of the Hong Kong police (telephone number (852) 28606186) and provide them with details of your plans if shooting in a public place, so that they can make any appropriate arrangements.


All film studios in Hong Kong are located within the New Territories area.

Shaw Moviecity is a full-service film and digital, picture and audio production and post-production facility. Hosting scores of Chinese and Hollywood co-productions, the 92,000 sq.m facility includes five fully air-conditioned and soundproofed sound stages. The largest sound stage features a filming space of 21 metres in height and over 1,950 sq.m in size. The post-production building is one of the largest in Asia, with over 30 individual picture and sound post-production studios and Dolby Premiere final mix suites. Shaw Moviecity is also equipped with orchestral scoring stages, which can accommodate up to 50 musicians.

The Clarence Film Studio is one of the largest privately owned studios in Hong Kong with 4 individual studios ranging from 5000 – 10355 sq ft.

More information is available at the Hong Kong Film Office.


Hong Kong provides a great range of filming locations from high rise buildings to markets and beaches. 


There is a wide variety of equipment providers in Hong Kong. These can be found in our equipment section.

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