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PhotoPro Production is a full-service boutique production company in Budapest, dedicated to offering cost effective services for all photo & video production.


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PhotoPro Production is a full-service boutique production company in Budapest. PhotoPro Production is dedicated to offering cost effective services for all aspects of photo and video production with over 15 years of experience in the creative industry. The company offer castings, professional crews, location scouting, set builders, props, photo equipment rental, creative minds and fixers. Recently, PhotoPro produced movie series poster shooting with Hollywood stars for TNT Alienist, AMC Terror and Netflix, Witcher by servicing exceptional photographers such as Nadav Kander, James Minchin III and Rankin. PhotoPro organised fashion campaign shootings for India, Mexico and Germany. Besides that, worked on social media campaign videos and photos for C&A Europe and Hilton Hotels and produced the worldwide photo campaign for Wizz Air. We are not only real problem solvers but have a passion for content. Working with PhotoPro Production results in significant savings and produces a higher production value.

Production Year Type Role
Toyota CH-R hybrid 2019 Commercial Production Management, Casting, Equipment Rental
Hilton Hotels (Commercial Campaign for Europe) 2018 Commercial Video Production
TNT (Alienist Movie Series Posters Shooting and Marketing Campaign Photo Shooting) 2018 Film Production Services
Netflix Witcher 2019 Other Production Services for Marketing photo and video
Netflix - King Movie (Actor Portrait for Movie Poster) 2018 Other Production Company
Nikon (D850 Ambassador Campaign with Joe Mcnally) 2017 Other Photo Production Service and Equipment Rental
AMC (Terror Movie Series Poster Shooting) 2017 Other Production Services
Telekom - Feel connected (Commercial Campaign) 2016 Commercial Photo and Video Production
Coke – Coke Club (Commercial Campaign) 2013 Commercial Production and Post Production
Samsung (Laptop Commercial Photo and Video Shooting) 2012 Commercial Production Manager, Photographer