Theaterkunst - Hungary


A one-stop house for costumes. We work as a service company in the modern sense.


Teréz krt. 27 / III

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We provide not just costumes - we create personal, individual costume wardrobes for each client’s requirements, from which they can draw upon each according to their needs. Obviously, every client is different, and each project requires a different approach. We offer exemplary service, which spans from research and project consulting, development sketches, and on-location fittings, all of which is guaranteed by a smoothly operating team. With our high-quality collection, and its range encompassing all ages, styles and trends, we equip national and international productions of all sizes. Whether it is the full-service costuming of numerous extras or the individual needs of solo roles – as the biggest costume house in Germany, we have grown to master every task. If our stock of approximately 10 million pieces is not sufficient, our costume workshop can create the perfect complement to the existing collection. Each article of clothing or costume can be customized upon request by our team of sample makers, pattern makers, tailors, designers and costume dyers. In our workshop, handicraft tradition meets the demands of the fast-paced industry; our modern costume production services provide quick and flexible delivery times and can, upon request, produce costumes directly on-set.