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The Empire Productions has production bases both in Iceland 66°N and Spitsbergen, Svalbard 78°N. Their team of producers have extensive experience all over the polar regions including Greenland, Antarctica. These remote places require specialist wilderness knowledge for professional productions to run seamlessly. We Service: - Feature Film - Documentary - TVC - TV Series - Brand Our nature expertise allows us to deliver completely fresh, unseen locations to our clients. We work creatively with all production companies, from script through to distribution to make sure that everything that gets produced has a “once in a life time” look and feel. We work closely with local authorities in both Iceland and Norway to provide 25% tax rebate, our team can streamline the process so you can focus 100% on production. The Empire is a down to earth, honest production service company that has a passion for nature that goes hand in hand creating groundbreaking productions that inspire indefinitely.

Locations Worked


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Production Year Type Role
Bollywood - Masti in London | Feature Film 2019 Film Production Services
Norway - Once Upon a Bite - Tencent | Feature Documentary 2019 Documentary Production Services
Svalbard - Airbnb - Encounters Season 2 - Tencent 2019 TV Production Services
Svalbard - Wing Suit North Pole - Tencent | Action Documentary 2019 Documentary Production Services
Iceland - Saatchi & Saatchi - Vaillant | 2019 Commercial Production Services
Iceland - Jaguar - Encounters Season 1 - Tencent 2018 TV Production Services
Iceland - Eddie Bauer - Winter Line | Photo Shoot 2018 Other Production Services
Iceland - Eddie Bauer - Expedition | Photo Shoot 2018 Other Production Services
Iceland - Audi - Ski The World 2018 Commercial Production Services
Iceland - Samsung - Galaxy Note 8 2017 Commercial Production Services
Iceland - Tupla - Pablo 2017 Film Production Services
Iceland - Eddie Bauer - Joe Manganiello 2017 Film Production Services
Svalbard - Redbull - Pyramiden 2016 Film Production Services
Iceland - Oakley 2016 Commercial Production Services
Iceland - Fjallraven 2016 Film Production Services
Svalbard - Salomon - Eclipse 2015 Film Production Services
Iceland - Toyota - Arctic Trucks 2014 Commercial Production Services
Svalbard - The North Face - Degrees North (feature) 2014 Film Production Services
Svalbard - Element - Pyramiden 2013 Film Production Services
Svalbard - Supervention 2012-13 Film Production Services
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