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At the Royal Film Commission, we work towards building a solid Jordanian film industry and facilitating productions in Jordan.


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THE ROYAL FILM COMMISSION - JORDAN (RFC) was established with a vision to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry. Founded in accordance with the Royal Film Commission Law No. 27 for the year 2003, approved by Law No. 22 issued by the Parliament in 2008, the RFC is a financially and administratively autonomous Jordanian public organization led by a Board of Commissioners, chaired by HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. The RFC is a member of the Association for Film Commissioners International (AFCI). The (AFCI) is the official professional and educational organization for film commissions. AFCI Members assist feature, television, commercial, industrial and stills production throughout the world. For more information about (AFCI) Mission Encouraging Jordanians and people from the Middle East to tell their stories, thus contributing to cross-cultural understanding and enhancing freedom of expression. Creating educational programs for Jordanians working or aspiring to work in the film industry. Promoting film culture throughout Jordan, thus contributing to educating and fostering a critical mind. Positioning Jordan as a location for international audio-visual productions, offering great locations, creative resources, as well as technical assistance and financial incentives. Offering management and support services to local and foreign productions. Providing work opportunities at world-class standards in all areas of cinematic art. Vision To build in Jordan a world-class, cutting-edge film industry where all people of the Middle East can freely make films alongside the world’s most talented artists.

Production Year Type Role
Dune- Directed by Denis Villeneuve (USA) 2019 Film Film Commission
Star Wars: Episode IX- Directed by J.J. Abrams - (USA) 2018 Film Film Commission
Escape from Raqqa - Directed by Emmanuel Hamon (France) 2018 Film Film Commission
All the Money in the World – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA) 2017 Film Film Commission
Aladdin - Directed by Guy Ritchie (USA) 2017 Film Film Commission
A Private War- Directed by Matthew Heineman (USA) 2017 Film Film Commission
The Apparition– Directed by Xavier Giannoli (France) 2017 Film Film Commission
Sand Castle - Directed by Fernando Coimbra (USA 2016 Film Film Commission
The Martian – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA) 2015 Film Film Commission
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- Directed by Gareth Edwards (USA) 2015 Film Film Commission
Kilo Two Bravo - Kajaki - Directed by Paul Katis - (UK) 2014 Film Film Commission
Zero Dark Thirty – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA) 2012 Film Film Commission
Last Days on Mars– Directed by Ruairi Robinson (U.K.) 2012 Film Film Commission
Prometheus– Directed by Ridley Scott (USA) 2011 Film Film Commission
The Devils Double – Directed by Warren Lee Tamahori (Belgium) 2010 Film Film Commission
Incendies– Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Canada) 2009 Film Film Commission
Fair Game– Directed by Doug Liman (USA) 2009 Film Film Commission
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Directed by Michael Bay (USA) 2008 Film Film Commission
The Hurt Locker – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA) 2007 Film Film Commission
The Mummy Returns– Directed by Stephen Sommers (USA) 2001 Film Film Commission
Red Planet – Directed by Anthony Hoffman (USA) 2000 Film Film Commission
Mission to Mars – Directed by Brian de Palma (USA) 2000 Film Film Commission
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” – Directed by Steven Spielberg (USA) 1989 Film Film Commission
Lawrence of Arabia – Directed by David Lean (USA) 1962 Film Film Commission
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