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Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan form a core of Central Asia in sense of cultural and economical relations. Film Commission For Central Asia represents these countries for the film industry. Kazakhstan is the leader in the economy and business affairs. There is a wide selection of modern filming equipment available in Almaty, the Soviet-style megapolis with many monumental buildings. Uzbekistan is extremely rich in historical locations with medieval Muslim architecture the like of which can only be found in Iraq or Iran. The geography of Uzbekistan consists of beautiful oases and vast deserts. Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with live folk traditions and a lot of tourist attractions such as trekking, rafting and ski resorts.


The Weinstein Company's major historical drama Marco Polo chose Kazakhstan for part of its five month shoot.


Visas are required but are easily obtained from Embassies. Foreigners should be registered for the term of stay in the country, which can be arranged by the local agent. There are no specific work permits for foreigners. Film permits for the streets are generally not required, except in Uzbekistan. There are no film or actors' unions which means no imperative union rules. There no buyouts.

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