Ensuring a film friendly environment in Korea since 2002. We have provided support to more than 2,000 productions


DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center C- 114
1580 Sangam-dong
Korea, Republic (South)

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Seoul Film Commission is a one-stop shop for national and international film and TV productions. Since its foundation in 2002, we have provided support to more than 2,000 productions ensuring a film friendly environment. With the systematic support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other related agencies, Seoul Film Commission: 1) provides filming support by helping filmmakers to get filming permits, 2) operates incentive programs, 3) connects foreign production with local production companies, producers, location managers, etc.

Production Year Type Role
Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 Film Not specified
Sense8 2015 Film Not specified
America’s Next Top Model 2014 TV Not specified
Ah Beng: Mission Impossible 2014 Film Not specified
Urban Games 2013 Film Not specified
The Bourne Legacy 2012 Film Not specified
Gaiji Keisatsu 2012 Film Not specified
Saranghae I Love You 2012 Film Not specified
Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme 2011 Film Not specified
Hello Stranger 2010 Film Not specified
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