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Martinique was originally called Madinia (Isle of Flowers). The active volcano Montagne Pelée is the highest peak at 1397m. Despite its small size, the island offers a great diversity of landscapes: steep mountains, rain forest, green hillsides, cliffs, savannas and gentle beaches. In the south the climate is dry with a landscape of hills and little vegetation. The countryside is covered by big sugar cane plantations, while the coastline offers excellent beaches. It is the most inhabited region of the island. In the north are mountains, rainfall is very frequent and the vegetation is luxuriant, with untouched tropical forest as well as banana and pineapple plantations. In the centre are two volcanic mountains - Montagne Pelée and the Pitons du Carbet. On the west coast the beaches have black volcanic sand while on the east side the coastline is mainly cliffs.

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