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One of the most solid and renowned companies in the Mexican film industry. Our main interest is to deliver reliable & high solutions for every project


Guadalupe I Ramirez
763 Tepepan
Mexico City

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CTT EXP & Rentals is a film and video equipment rental company based in Mexico. Throughout its 25 years' experience in the audiovisual industry CTT has achieved to be part of successful feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, concerts and TV shows. Today it is one of the most solid and renowned companies in the Mexican film industry. Primarily, CTT’s goal is to satisfy the needs and expectations of executive producers, media producers, cinematographers, directors, gaffers and all the production itself with excellence in personalized service. We possess high tech equipment and a fully qualified staff, in order to guarantee the quality of each one of the services we provide. Our main interest is to deliver reliable and high solutions for every project. Equipment rental we offer: Film packages, film and digital cameras, camera accessories, lenses, lighting, dollies, cranes, fully equipped trucks, generators, grip, expendables and sound stage. Cameras: Phantom Flex, Arri Alexa XT/ Alexa XR /Alexa Plus/Alexa M/ Alexa Studio/ Alexa EV, Red Epic/ Red Dragon/ Red One, SonyF-55/Sony F-3/ Sony EX3, Canon C500 PL/ 7D PL. Optic: Cooke Anamorphic, Leica Summilux-C, Cooke S4i/ Mini Cooke, Master Primer, Ultra Prime, etc. Remote heads:Scorpio Stabilized Head Cranes: Scorpio Crane 30' +7', Foxy Advanced, Chapman Lenny Arm III Dollies: J.L Fisher 10 and 11, Skater mini dolly, Cam tram system, Dana dolly, Float cam slide. Our brands: Arri, Red One, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Carl Zeiss, Leica, Cooke, Nikkor, Angenieux, Tiffen, Shneider, Transvideo, Small HD, P+S Techink, Sachtler, Kino Flo, Desisti, K5600, Cinemills,Service Visin, J.L Fisher, Panther.

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