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Niue is a single coral island of 259 square kilometres in the South Pacific Ocean (19° S, 169° W) and has an Exclusive Economic Zone of 293,988 sq km. It is the largest raised coral island in the world and is known for its unspoilt environment and pristine coastal waters, which have provided overseas filmmakers with rare opportunity to film our unique sea snakes, whales and the hidden underwater caves and wonders. The rocky and natural features of Niue provide rare locations features for adventure-type filmmaking. The population of Niue is small and the overall spirit of shooting film is very relaxed, with few worries about issues such as security. The friendliness of the local people makes the country a very rare and unique location for filmmaking. In March 2002 the population was 1707. Niueans are of Polynesian descent and are said to be amongst the friendliest people in the world. They speak Niuean, which has close links to other Polynesian languages. Culture, tradition, spirituality and social values play an integral part in the unique culture. A twice-weekly flight is provided by Polynesian Airlines on a Boeing 737 aircraft and Niue is serviced by a supply ship every three weeks.Iinternational telephone system, internet services, radio and television services are also available.


30-day visas are issued at the airport on arrival. For stays longer than 30 days, permit applications should be lodged with the Immigration Office through the Niue Film Commission. Work permits are required and should be lodged at the same time as the permit application to enter and reside.

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