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ul. Rozbart 44a

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T: +48 22 646 89 24


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Anna Siwinska Producer Send a message
Magdalena Woaosz Producer


You can say a lot about us since we have been here and there in movie production field,

making here and there movies for 19 years. There are people who like what we do,

and we like what they do - they appreciate our movies and reward us with:

Złote Orły, Effie and Kreatura prizes.

You can hear people talking about us in many languages,

since we have produced everywhere, on every continent, including Arctic Circle.

Our imaginative Slavonic souls can see poetry where others see only prose.

But do we need to talk so much?

Let’s say it briefly: we take it ''easy'',

while some productions we do are like real ''hell''.

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Production Year
Zabka 2015
Ikea - Kanapki/sandwich 2017
Almette - 100% natural 2017
Dr.Oetker - Smaki swiata/flavors of the world 2016
Blik- Platnosci elektroniczne /electronic payment 2016
Mirinda 2016
NC+ 2016
Zywiec zdroj- Slodziaki/Sweety 2017
PKP - Flirt/Dart/Intercity 2015
Kinder Bueno Vampires 2011