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We understand producers. You do the fun creative work, let us handle the rest. We love the rush, the work, the people and even the damn paper work.


Zagórze 6, 5 / 61-112

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Lanterna Pictures is a production company based in Colombia and Poland. We produced a TV pilot for Univision (USA); ”Escobar’s House” a horror film in its final stage of post-production; and ”Time For Love” a drama-comedy made in Poland, recently premiered in Taiwanese Theaters, and scheduled to be released in Poland during winter 2021. Please: enjoy the process. Let us handle casting, crew hiring, locations, permits, logistics, equipment, cash rebates, etc... no problem, we got it. Poland offers, evocative locations rarely seen on screen, competitive costs on par with or lower than any in the region, and highly skilled crews that benefit from a proud and storied moviemaking tradition. On top of that a 30% cash rebate. Planning to do a commercial, music video or anything else? Save the cash rebate, you can have it all. Even if you are a youtuber, tik-toker, instagramer and need fixing, don't hesitate to ask, we'll be happy to help.

Production Year Type Role
Time for Love 2019 Film Producer