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A PRODUCTIONS 360 is a full Service Production Company that specialises in publicity. Built on key principles: high quality standards, competitive prices and a network of local experts that ensuring a smooth production process and a final product to be proud of. As your all-inclusive service provider we source of the best local talent in the Iberian Peninsula. All of our multi-lingual producers have extensive experience of shooting internationally and work to offer fast, convenient, and efficient service of the best quality. The only service production company with complete offices in Madrid, Barcelona, the Canary Islands and Lisbon, we will take good care of your project from the eureka moment through to completion. We have the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding islands covered. We put our heart and soul into every production.

Production Year Type Role
La Caixa - Efecto Positivo 2020 Corporate Video Production Company
Masterchef Celebrity UK 2019 TV Service Production Company
Cortefiel - Fall Winter Collection 2019 Commercial Production Company
Sarenza 2019 Commercial Service Production Company
Canal+ Mission: Really Impossible 2019 Commercial Service Production Company
Zara-Bunka 2018 Commercial Production Company
Tommy Hilfiger - Spring 2018 2018 Commercial Service Production Company
Christine & the Queens 2018 Music Production Company
Cortefiel-City Lover 2018 Commercial Production Company