Big Banana Films


Fixers. Location Scouts. Photography. Global production service facility with main focus on Southern Africa


53a 7th Avenue
Parktown North
South Africa

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Fixers. Location Scouts. Photography. Big Banana Films is a global production service facility with its main focus being on Southern Africa. By collaborating with local Fixers across the globe, we offer fixing services beyond the borders of Africa as well. Big Banana Films prides itself on its diverse repertoire of documentaries, corporate videos and drama reconstructions. Having facilitated productions for companies , networks and channels such as Google, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel , History Channel , ITV and The BBC, Big Banana Films continues to be the number one choice for quality fixing and production services.

Production Year Type Role
Wild Metropolis 2017 Documentary Fixer
The Queen and the Commonwealth 2017 Documentary Fixer
Driving Plates 2017 Other Fixer
The Heart of a Lion 2017 Documentary Fixer - South Africa & Zambia
Fishing Impossible Zambia 2016 TV Fixer
Eddie Izzard - Marathon Man 2017 TV Fixer
African Songbook 2017 Documentary Fixer
Food Unwrapped 2017 TV Fixer
Life: First Steps 2017 Documentary Fixer
Animals With Cameras 2016 Documentary Fixer
Animals Behaving Badly 2016 Documentary Fixer
Animal Mafia 2016 Documentary Fixer
Extreme Railway Journeys with Chris Tarrant 2016 TV Fixer
The Story of God (Season 2) 2016 Documentary Fixer
Africa The Great Civilizations 2016 Documentary Fixer
Black and British 2016 Documentary Fixer
Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan 2015 TV Fixer & Production Services
Camel Active 2015 Other Fixer & Production Services South Korea
One Day in Johannesburg 2012 TV Location Scouting, Fixer & Production Services in Johannesburg, South Africa
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