City of Madrid Film Office is a public service of the City Council of Madrid that works to improve and promote all filming activities in the city.


Plaza Mayor, 27

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Madrid offers what any production needs: a variety of locations with great narrative potential, experienced professionals and top facilities and production services. ALL WITH A 30% TAX REBATE. We give assistance in the search for filming locations, guidance and support in filming permits, mediation with municipal bodies and other public institutions, information on companies and professionals of the local sector and advice on production and post-production logistics. Feel free to contact us and request a meeting to discuss about tax incentives, locations, crews, facilities, regulations or any other issue.

Production Year Type Role
In From the Cold 2021 TV Film Commission
Official Competition 2020 Film Film Commission
La fortuna 2020 TV Film Commission
Parot 2020 TV Film Commission
Ana Tramel 2020 TV Film Commission
Glow & Darkness 2020 TV Film Commission
Veneno 2020 TV Film Commission
Cable Girls 2020 TV Film Commission
Money Heist 2020 TV Film Commission
Elite 2020 TV Film Commission
Little Coincidences 2020 TV Film Commission
The Department of Time 2020 TV Film Commission
Klaus (Animation) 2019 Film Film Commission
Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy 2019 Film Film Commission
Pain and Glory 2019 Film Film Commission
Way Down 2019 Film Film Commission
The Rhythm Section 2019 Film Film Commission
Forgotten We'll Be 2019 Film Film Commission
Soulmates 2019 TV Film Commission
Intergalactic 2019 TV Film Commission
You Can’t Hide 2019 TV Film Commission
White Lines 2019 TV Film Commission
The House of Flowers 2019 TV Not specified
Terminator: Dark Fate 2018 Film Film Commission
Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (Animation) 2018 Film Not specified
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