Unbeatable 45-50% tax rebate for foreign productions, fabulous climate, stunning natural scenery


Aveda. Constitucion, 12
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Canary Islands

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Since 2000, Tenerife Film Commission - Canary Islands has assisted over a thousand productions. An unbeatable 50-45% tax rebate for foreign productions, its fabulous climate (23ºC average temperature) and its stunning natural scenery make this 2,034 square kilometer island a great option for your next shooting or animation project. We have a great range of cinematographic professionals and equipment rental companies that have already worked for the Jason Bourne (Universal), Clash Of The Titans (Warner Bros), Fast & Furious 6 (Universal) and much more. Here you can find all those locations, weather and experts you have always been looking for. And Tenerife is just a 4-hour flight away from the main European cities. Contact us on or send us an email to We will be glad to lend you a hand!

Locations Worked


Production Year Type Role
Sky rojo (TV Series from 'Money Heist' Creator) 2021 TV Permits - Film Commissioner
The Wheel of Time 2021 TV Permits - Film Commissioner
BMW 2020 Commercial Permits - Film Commissioner
Porsche (Apollon) 2020 Commercial Permits - Film Commissioner
Charter 2019 Film Permits
BMW 2019 Commercial Permits
Dr Who 2019 TV Permits
The Head 2019 TV Permits
Rambo: Last Blood 2018 Film Permits
El mejor verano de mi vida 2017 Film Permits
Wonder Woman 1984 2018 Film Permits
Hierro 2018 TV Permits
La Bomba 2018 Commercial Permits
Silent Witness 2016 Film Permits
Jason Bourne 2015 Film Permits
Dr. Who 2015 Film Permits
Fifth Installment of “Bourne” Franchise 2015 Film Permits
AudiLamborhini Aventador 2014 Commercial Permits
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