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The cost of production can be higher in Switzerland than in other parts of Europe, which means the picturesque Alpine peaks, lakes, quaint villages and evocative old-meets-new cities generally appeal to producers of high-end TV dramas and commercials rather than to feature producers. However, Switzerland does offer a 20% rebate on co-productions that spend at least $418,000 in the country.

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union nor the European Economic Area but it does participate in the Schengen Agreement, which means there are no passport controls between Schengen member states (customs controls do apply). The currency is the Swiss franc.

Recent Productions

The most recent international feature to shoot in the country was The Ink Factory’s spy thriller Our Kind Of Traitor in 2016. The producers also shot scenes in Zermatt for The Night Manager TV series. Local outfit Contrast Film recently shot its ambitious $4.6m (¤4.2m) Swiss-German co-production feature Storm in Zurich and eastern and central Switzerland.

Film Location Switzerland offers good support to incoming productions.

Infrastructure and crews

Switzerland is a relatively small country, with one of the best public transport networks in the world. English is spoken widely by Swiss crews but the country is not known for studios; the biggest is StudioGutenswil near Zurich.

Size matters

Switzerland is well connected internally by both air and land, with one of Europe’s densest rail networks, most of which is federally operated. International flights connect to several of the country’s key cities.

First person to contact

Nadia Dresti, director, Ticino Film Commission

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