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A Grand Elephant are a well-respected film production company whose main speciality is full production support services for film and commercials.


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With over a decade of experience working with top companies, producers and directors, we are committed to continuing to provide a high quality production service for films and commercials. Our ethos is to give honest and realistic advice and to work closely with producers, directors and crews to achieve the best results for each project. Our passion is to make creative and quality productions, whatever the size project; we tackle each project with equal enthusiasm. We strive to create a good working environment for our crews, as we believe that a happy crew gives its best. Our key words are: professionalism, straightforwardness, integrity, hard work and enjoyment! With experience shooting, both locally and globally, we have established a comprehensive network of associates, with Myanmar the most recent to join us.

Production Year Type Role
S7 2018 Commercial Production Support
Hyatt - A World of Understanding 2017 Commercial Production Support
Nokia - Bothies 2017 Commercial Production Support
FWD - Possibilities 2018 Commercial Production Support
Alliance -Take Your Chance 2016 Commercial Production Support
Shell V-Power - Kungfu Master 2016 Commercial Production Support
Hilton - Stop Clicking 2016 Commercial Production Support
Ford - Built to take on the world 2015 Commercial Production Support
Cooktales 2012 Film Production Service Company
Only God Forgives 2012 Film Production Service Company