Offers an up to 35% cash rebate schemes on production for foreign film & TV producers. Happy to guide you through.


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The Netherlands

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Welcome to the Netherlands The Netherlands is home to a vibrant film industry with an open attitude towards international productions. The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and film related activities in the Netherlands. The Film Fund offers various selective support schemes on production for international productions. The Fund runs a Film Production Incentive, offering up to 35% cash rebate on production costs spent in the Netherlands and oversees the activities of the Netherlands Film Commission. We are happy to guide you through the different support schemes. Financial research support for location scouts, line producers and /or post-production supervisors for international production companies that consider shooting or post-production in the Netherlands can be applied through Please feel welcome to contact us and find out why producing with the Netherlands is worthwhile exploring!

Production Year Type Role
Dunkirk 2016 Film Film Commission
Showreel Netherlands Film Commission
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