Thea Meulenberg Casting


Thea Meulenberg Casting is a Dutch, Amsterdam based international casting agency founded in 1980.


Keizersgracht 116
1015 CW
The Netherlands

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Thea Meulenberg Casting is a well-known international casting agency. We cast actors and commercial models for TV-commercials, online commercials, films, video clips, and photography at home and abroad. Visit and you will discover a wide range of talent profiles of actors, actresses, models, special talents, children (who can act), twins, families and international actors. A significant number of major companies and brands already benefited. For example: The Food Network TV commercial for the USA, Oral-B TV commercial for Europe, Philips Airfryer photography and TV commercial for worldwide, Rituals online commercials for Northern-Europe, Grand'Italia TV commercials for the Netherlands, Cheaptickets TV commercial for The Netherlands, Volkswagen print for Germany, Barbie-Mattel commercials for Southern-Europe, Mayoral Kids print campaign for Spain, ABB sound Corporate film UK. Photography for Waikiki in Turkey etc.

Production Year Type Role
Grand'Italia 2020 Commercial Casting an actor and actress playing a couple in the kitchen
Oral-B TV commercial for The Netherlands and Belgium 2020 Commercial Casting a professional actress with a natural style
A documentary fairytale from the future - The Way We Were 2020 Documentary Casting an excellent Dutch senior actor
Wildlands adventure zoo promo video 2020 Promo Casting children
Campaign Against Bullying - Saudi Arabia 2019 Commercial Casting a girl
Hotspot Online Commercial - Europe & UK 2019 Commercial Casting a family
Philips Airfryer Worldwide 2019 Commercial Casting Middle-Eastern looking children
Cheaptickets 2019 Commercial Casting
DFDS Ferries 2019 Commercial Casting a fun family
Philips about the future of healthcare 2019 Corporate Video Casting smart youngster to do an interview