Trinidad & Tobago

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Trinidad & Tobago is part of the West Indies, about 11 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela. The country has a tropical climate, with a dry season in the first half of the year and a wet season dominating the second. Located just off the tip of Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago covers nearly 2,000 miles and offers panoramic mountain vistas, secluded beach hideaways, rustic countryside villages, contemporary towers of mirrored glass.

Contrasting views of two islands - one exuberant and richly cosmopolitan, the other a picture of soulful simplicity. This diversity is mirrored throughout the landscape - a land where Hindu mandirs, Muslim mosques and British colonial great houses are as commonplace as the ultra-modern commercial towers of Trinidad’s capital city Port of Spain and the multi-dollar homes of suburban communities. Here, six-lane highways give way to picturesque mountain roads and country lanes.

Recent Productions

Among the higher-profile international shoots to visit Trinidad & Tobago was a short promo to accompany Corin Hardy’s horror hit The Nun. While the movie itself shot in Romania the promo was filmed on Chacachacare, an island off Trinidad’s north-west coast.

Infrastructure and crews

Local production support is on offer from the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (FilmTT). The state agency was set up in 2006 and helps producers to scout locations and liaise with the regional industry. FilmTT promotes Trinidad & Tobago as a country with a variety of Caribbean locations that are easily accessible to producers.

Small-scale studios are available for digital and green-screen work, but producers generally come to the country for the exotic locations.

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