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Production Production Company Year Role
Catch Me Daddy Daniel Wolf/EMU Films 2014 Casting Consultant
World War Dead. Rise of the Fallen Bart Ruspoli + Freddie Hutton-Mills/Torch Light 2014 Casting Director
The Brother Ryan Bonder/The Brother Films 2013 Casting Director
The Disappearance of Lenka Wood Paul/Press on Features 2013 Casting Director
Abducted Simon Phillips/Roar Film Entertainment 2013 Casting Director
White Settlers Simeon Halligan/Notanumber 2013 Casting Director
Dementamania Kit Ryan/Ronin Pictures 2012 Casting Director
Northern Soul Elaine Constantine/Baby Cow Productions 2012 Casting Director
Resident Evil (6 Commercials) 2012 Casting Director
Venus Gillette 2012 Casting Director