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Leading provider of advanced camera systems, recording technologies & specialist links


Unit 1a
Shepperton Studios
Studios Road
TW17 0QD

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TRANSMISSION (TX) Ltd is a leading provider of advanced camera systems, recording technologies and specialist links. Our facilities are used worldwide by broadcast and commercial production companies on a broad range of programmes from Broadcast Dramas to Online Commercials. Our services include equipment dry hire, production unit rental with part or a full crew and complete multi camera location facilities with full technical support, installation and consultancy. We provide solutions, everything from remote controlled HD compact cameras to 360 degree & spherical video underwater recording. Cameras of every type from and for every application including IR, Thermal, High Speed & Time-lapse, in any environment. We also provide full broadcast equipment servicing and repairs and you can rely on comprehensive support from our highly trained and experienced technicians and systems engineers. You come up with a problem and we’ll solve it.

Production Year Type Role
Malaria Life on the front line - Comic Relief 360° Video 2018 TV Not specified
Shakespeare and Hathaway Series 1 - 2 2017-2018 TV Not specified
Randox Health Grand National 360° 2017 TV 360° Remote Camera Supply
New Years Eve Fireworks 360° Live Stream 2016 TV 360° Remote Cameras and Crew Supply
Doctors (Series 1-19) 2000-2017 TV Crew and Facilities Providor
This Stuff Matters 2016 Commercial Crew and Facilities Provider
Father Brown Series 1 - 7 2013-2018 TV Crew and Facilities Provider
Horizon - The Secret Life of the Cat 2013 TV Remote Cameras and Crew Supply
Chicken Shop 2013 TV Remote Cameras and Crew Supply
Springwatch 2009-2013 TV Remote Camera Supply