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The experience, capacity, flexibility & insider know-how to help transform spaces into real places. Specialising in locations across Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Office 401E
Level 4
Building 5
North Park Office Building
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

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Film production is booming worldwide, and the UAE is fast becoming a preferred ‘foreign’ filming location for both big Hollywood movies and smaller independent features. FStop is geared to deliver on both and specialises in locations across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. From our first independent feature, ‘Dune Dreams’ (2018) to the largest productions ever shot in the UAE such as ‘Mission Impossible VI: Fallout’ (2018), we have the experience, capacity, flexibility, and insider know-how to help transform spaces into real places. Some of our other larger-scale productions include ‘War Machine (2017), Star Trek Beyond (2016), Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol (2011), ‘The Kingdom’ (2007). Our clients trust us to do more than provide access to multiple dramatically different location options. To ensure you focus on making great movies, we: - Take care of all the legal permits and paperwork - Supply savvy location and unit crews - Protect the integrity of the physical environment without hindering your film project - Manage film set security – equipment, facilities, cast and crew - Design and build logistical solutions for you regardless of size and terrain - Offer a purpose-built, fully-equipped fleet of trailers for artists, makeup, production as well as honey wagons - Have our own rentals ‘supermarket’ at which you can shop a vast range of top consumables and equipment rentals

Production Year Type Role
Dune Dreams 2019 Film Location Manager
Mission Impossible: Fall Out 2018 Film Location Manager
Sonic the Hedgehog 2018 Film Location Manager
Star Trek Beyond 2016 Film Location Manager
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens 2015 Film Location Manager
Fast & Furious 7 2015 Film Location Manager
Safe House 2012 Film Location Manager
Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011 Film Location Manager
City of Life 2009 Film Location Manager
Gillette Fusion 5 Like a Bomber Featuring Christian Vieri 2019 Commercial Location Manager
Etisalat Together Matters 2019 Commercial Location Manager
Etisalat Freedom 2019 Commercial Location Manager
RAM Salt of the Earth 2018 Commercial Location Manager
Toyota the Boxer 2018 Commercial Location Manager
DTCM Be My Guest Featuring Shahrukh Khan 2018 Commercial Location Manager