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Venezuela is a world of locations. From rainforest to Andean peaks, few places offer such an enormous variety of scenery and resources. An international producer doesn't need to arrive weighted by equipment and people. Much of this can be found at a very competitive cost within Venezuela and of equal or better technical standards. The same applies to technical staff and national talent. Highly competent Venezuelan technical staff will be most beneficial to a foreign production and the presence of a local producer, fixer or representative is strongly recommended.

Recent Productions

La Vie d'un Autre, Linea Verde, Jungle 2 Jungle, The History of OPEP, Amú, Earth's Natural Wonders.


All persons coming to work in Venezuela need a business visa which must be secured in his or her country of origin. The presence of a local producer or fixer is required in all cases. The first permit that a foreign production must request is the General Shooting Permit, granted by CNAC through the Venezuela Film Commission, which is followed by permission given by local or national authorities according to the site chosen for filming.

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