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Glossary - F

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Fade Or Fade-Out Often used to end a scene, whereby the image becomes darker and darker until it turns black

French genre of film that overlaps with science fiction, horror and fantasy.


A location outside the studio or set

Film Commission

Film commissions are quasi-governmental, non-profit, public organizations that attract motion media production crews (including movies, TV and commercials) to shoot on location in their respective localities, and offer support so that productions can accomplish their work smoothly.

Film Gate

The rectangular opening in the front of a celluloid camera where the film is exposed to light. Checking the gate is a very important part of operating the camera and is checked regularly.

Film Gauge The width in mm of a strip of film, eg 35mm
Film Noir A genre of bleak, serious film that originated in the 1940s. Often shot in a dark, shadowy style
Film Stock The actual physical strip of film onto which the shots are recorded
Filter A covering placed in front of the camera lens to change the lighting or look of a shot
Final Draft

Industry standard script writing software.

Finals The last alterations to the actor by the make-up artist before the camera rolls
First AD

First Assistant Director - Provides right hand support to the director, particularly with scheduling

First Assistant Director Provides right hand support to the director, particularly with scheduling
First Generation An original recording, rather than a duplicate copy
Fish Eye Lens A camera lens so wide it produces a panoramic shot that appears curved
Fishpole A small arm with a microphone attached
Flash Frame When two shots are broken very quickly by a single clear frame to give a dramatic flash of white during the action
Flashback When a character and/or the viewer is transported to a previous event or scene
Flash-Forward When a character and/or the viewer is transported to a future event or scene
Flat A pretend wall used on TV sets
Flatbed A kind of table used in editing whereby the pictures and sound reels are laid horizontally on specially designed motorised plates
Floor Manager The person who passes information from the director in a TV studio gallery to the rest of the crew on the studio floor. Also briefs the studio audience and manages any guests’ time counts and cues. Oversees any technical issues that may arise during filming
Flop A box office disaster
Focus Puller The person responsible for maintaining sharp images during filming, such as changing the direction setting on a lens to cover the distance of an actor from the focal plane
Foley Artist The person who creates sound effects using alternatives to the real thing, such as scrunching paper to represent feet on gravel
Foley Mixer Someone who records the noises made by the foley artist and then adds them during post-production
Food Stylist

The person who prepares the food that will be seen on film or television. Also known as Home Economist

Footage A sequence or portion of the film
Foreground Music

Source Music - Music that is generated by something or someone visible on screen, eg a band or a radio

Fourth Wall Traditionally a theatre term, used to describe the imaginary wall between the stage and the audience. Used in drama when an actor directly addresses the camera/audience
Fps Frames per second, the running speed of the camera
Frame Term used for both a single image and the area taken up by a picture on the screen
Freeze / Freeze Frame When a single image is repeated in quick succession to give the illusion of immobility
French Flare An anti-flare shade which goes over the camera lens
Frontal Lighting When a person or object is lit from in front, near the camera, ensuring few or no shadows
Frontality When the subject faces the camera, rather than another person or object

The type of lighting created when the sun is in the back of the cameraman is called frontlighting.

Future Noir

A mixed genre of film, combining film noir and science fiction, Blade Runner (1982) being a example.


Short for digital or visual effects