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Glossary - G

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Gaffer Someone who is responsible for the construction of rigging solutions for lighting, usually the chief lighting technician
Gain Indicating audio and visual levels
Gels Transparent sheets used to colour light
Gen-Lock When an equipment’s graphic output is locked to an externally generated signal
GFX Short for graphic effects
Ghosting A video error where images overlap each other and a ghost-like image appears

Italian genre of film, usually murder mystery films which includes elements of horror and eroticism. Giallo is also Italian for "yellow".

Glitch An error with the picture or sound
Grading The altering and enhancing of the colour of a shot or scene to define a specific sensory experience
Green Screen

A green backdrop that enables any other background to be placed over via CGI in post-production. See also Chroma Key

Greenlight The point at which a production will definitely be made. In TV terms, it’s the point at which a show has been commissioned

Someone who operates and maintains production equipment related to lighting and rigging

Guerrilla filmmaking

A type of independent filmmaking defined by low budgets, small crews, using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning, and without location permits.