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Glossary - H

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Hair In The Gate A bit of hair, fluff, dirt etc that is caught in the gate (aperture) of the camera and therefore appears on the image
Hammocking When a new or underperforming programme is scheduled to transmit between two popular ones

High Definition - A ratio of an image that provides stronger clarity than in analogue filming

Headroom Distance between the top of the actor’s head and the top edge of the screen
Headshot The close-up shot used by an actor or an agent for promotion
Helicopter Shot A moving shot filmed from above the subject often filmed from an actual helicopter
Helming Directing
High Angle Shot A shot taken looking down at the subject
High Definition A ratio of an image that provides stronger clarity than in analogue filming
High Hat A camera mount close to the ground used for low angle shots
Hod Head of Department
Holding The place where the actors wait together to be called onto the set for their scene
Homage A tribute or nod to a particular film or genre, found within the film itself
Home Economist The person who prepares the food that will be seen on film or television. Also known as a food stylist
Hoofer A dancer
Horse Equipment used in the editing process to support reels of film
Horse Opera Nickname for a western