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Eight best screenwriting apps

You can never predict where inspiration will hit and there's nothing more frustrating than not having the tools for the job. Some of the wittiest dialogue ever written has been jotted down on a napkin then promptly lost and forgotten. Make sure to capture your flash of genius more securely with one of our top eight screenwriting apps. 

Celtx App

Celtx: iOS £2.99, Android, free

Powerful, affordable and slickly designed, Celtx is an excellent alternative to more expensive software, offering a wide range of formatting templates including teleplays, stage plays and comic books. The app uses proprietary .celtx format, but files for other screenwriting software can be exported and imported.



Final Draft screenwriting app

Final Draft Writer: iOS £13.99

With the ability to lock pages and colour coded revisions among an extensive features list, Final Draft Writer stands out as one of the most comprehensive screenwriting tools on a mobile platform. It may not come cheap but as the industry standard it's a solid investment for the serious professional.



Fade In screenwriting app

Fade In: iOS £2.99, Andriod £3.11

Able to open both Final Draft, Celtx and Movie Magic Maker files, Fade In rivals even FinalDraft for  features. Revisions can be displayed on standardised colour coded paper, autocompletion suggestions are provided for character or location names and Dropbox integration makes it easy to pick up your script from right where you left off on the desktop.



Scripts Pro App

Scripts Pro: iOS £8.99

Unusual in being designed as a mobile only application, Scripts Pro can stand alone or act as a companion for either Celtx or Final Draft. The app's interface both looks and feels more natural to iOS as a result of this mobile first approach, with element changes being easily executed via an above the keyboard toolbar.



Storyist App

Storyist: iOS £6.99

Designed for both screenplay and manuscript submissions, Storyist is focused on making it easy to organise long-form writing. Colour-coded index cards allow you to sketch out an overview of your story with customisable character, setting or plot sheets. A split screen lets you view this outline, alongside the text of the particular project element you're working on.



My Screenplays App

MyScreenplays: Android free or pro version £1.99

The non-linear, approach of MyScreenplays treats each plot element as an individual unit, allowing you to rearrange dialogues actions and sequences. The app also features autocomplete for actions, location and place names. A range of file formats can opened straight from Google Docs, including, PDF, word document and LaTeX alongside the standard screenwriting formats.



Scriptly App

Scriptly; iOS £6.99

The initial cost of Scriptly places it among among the cheaper screenwriting apps available, but at this price point it's also highly limited. For £2.99 a piece, in-app purchases allow you to organise your script in either index card or outline mode, and the character pack lets you create profiles with notes and photos for each of your characters.



Index Card App

Index Card: iOS, £2.99

Not a fully-fledged screenwriting app but great for quickly capturing plot ideas on the go, Index Card allows you to create, edit and rearrange scene synopses to build an overview of your story. An export function allows you to send this straight into a full featured desktop programme as a RTF file, or to easily sync it with the popular manuscript and screenwriting software, Scrivener.



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