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Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in Bulgaria

Tax breaks / incentives

In 2007, Bulgaria entered into the European Union, making it considerably easier for Western businesses, including film production companies, to establish themselves in the country. It also opened up many links between the growing Bulgarian film industry and the much more established markets in countries such as France, Germany, and Britain.

There are no tax breaks for international filmmakers, however Bulgaria has now also established a number of co-production agreements with countries including Canada, Israel and France, which can be helpful for smaller budget filmmakers.

Yet undoubtedly the strongest draw for filmmakers to shoot in Bulgaria is the fact that it’s cheap. Wages are low, hotels and services are affordable and there are good exchange rates from Pounds, Euros and Dollars to the Bulgarian Lev.

It is estimated that productions shot in Bulgaria can cost around one third less than shooting in Western Europe or America.