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Vitezna 125/3
150 00
Czech Republic

Contact number

T: +420 233 012 345
F: +420 233 012 333


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Ales Komarek Executive Producer Send a message +420 602 558 775
Jakub Malek Send a message +420 608 432 666


We are the film production company with the longest history in Prague. All our experience gathered in commercials, film, TV and photo production is here for you!

Languages Spoken

  • Czech
  • English


Production Production Company Year Role
Lenovo Raucous Content 2017 Service Production
GoCompare PI Film Network 2017 Service Production
Iseul Leagas Delaney Shanghai 2016 Production House
Cracker Barrel B-Reel Films 2016 Service Production
JC Penny Believe Media LA 2016 Service Production
Outlander Sony TV 2016 Service Production
Pantene Believe Media LA 2016 Service Production
Mandatum Standart Sweden 2016 Service Production
Duracell PI Film Network 2016 Service Production
Three Olives Vodka Believe Media LA 2015 Service Production