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Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in Estonia

Tax breaks / incentives

Estonia launched a filming incentive for international producers in early 2016. The Estonian Film Institute (EFI) will administer a two-year pilot programme as a 30% cash rebate for shoots. A fund of €500,000 was available in 2016 and this will double for 2017. 

The EFI is the largest source of film production funding in Estonia. The institute supports films which meet the following criteria: at least one of the producers is an independent Estonian production company, the total Estonian participation makes up a minimum of 10% of the budget total and at least 10% of the property rights of the film belong to an Estonian producer.

International co-productions have a distinct stipulation: 1.2 times the amount of financial support given to the project by the EFI must be spent in Estonia. Estonian producers can also apply for grants from both the EU’s MEDIA Plus programme and Eurimages for international co-productions.

The share of each recipient of support from the EFI in financing a film project has to be at least 5% of the budget; with an international co-production, there must be at least 5% of financing from Estonian sources.

The EFI offers three kinds of grants for feature films: script, development and production. Documentaries and animations are eligible for development and production funds.

Several grant application rounds are held each year. Applicants must submit a written dossier which meets guidelines set out by the EFI, which can be found on their website.

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