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Tehtaankatu 27-29 Inner Courtyard

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T: +358 40 0314418
T: +358 40 0314418


Pure Scandinavia offers a full range of production services in film and TV. We deliver the highest quality services to companies looking for a snow location, planning to shoot their production in Finland, Lapland, Estonia or anywhere in the Nordic region.

Thanks to our unmatched network of contacts, we are able to secure the best talent and by far the best production value for your project.

Pure Scandinavia is also affiliated to Moskito Television, Finland and Monster, Norway. This makes Pure Scandinavia part of a leading independent production entity in Scandinavia specializing in commercials, TV drama and entertainment & feature films.

To cut to the chase, our team has a direct access to unparalleled expertise in all areas of film & TV production in Scandinavia.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Finnish





Production Year Role
Finlandia Vodka - Trust the sun that doesn't sleep 2016 Production Service
Shell Helix Cold 2017 Production Service
Audi R8 - Snow 2017 Production Service