Central Athens Film Productions Est. 1999

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41, V.Georgiou Avenue

Contact number

T: +30 21 0683 1077
T: +30 694 606 0889
F: +30 210683107


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Polina Kaskanioti Producer Send a message + 30 210 6831 077 114
+ 30 694 606 0887
Grigoris Sarantis Producer Send a message + 30 210 6831 077 221
+ 30 694 679 6592
Andreas Tsilifonis Executive Producer Send a message + 30 210 6831 077 101
+ 30 694 606 0889


Greece offers an ideal shooting environment with exciting diverse locations, mild climate, predictable weather, frequent and convenient flights from all European capitals, plus the lowest rates in the Euro zone.

Understanding the needs of international film productions, CENTRAL provides top English speaking artistic and technical staff for production services to 60 companies from 25 countries.

Our locations database includes more than 2,500 locations/200.000 pictures, as well as sound stages up to 1.500 sq. meters / 15 m net height.

We maintain an online casting library with more than 18.000 persons. Greece is really a multi-ethnic country- so beside Caucasian types, Asians, Blacks, Arabs, Hindis and North European typefaces are easy to find.

For all production & post production costs spend in Greece, the international producer can get 35% Cash Rebate, for unlimited eligible budget. The incentives approval can also be used as a bank guarantee for pre-financing.


Production Role
The Amazing Race- Reality Show for SZMG/CBS/WRP Production Services
Love In The Aegean Feature Film Production Services for Refung Films, Taiwan
Do It Yourself Feature Film – Coproduction
Apple iiPhone 7 Plus - Take Mine TVC Production Services for Biscuit, USA
Esso- Sophie TVC Production Services for Somesuch, UK
CNN- Why We Go TVC Production Services for Aero Films, USA
Athenos- Yiayia's Fashion TVC Production Services for Park Pictures, USA
Fair FX- Travellator TVC Production Services for Stink, UK
Costa Cruises- Santorini TVC Production Services for Rogue, UK
Visa- Another Day TVC Production Services for Softimage, Canada