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Find production companies, locations services, film equipment and camera rental companies, post production companies, film crew, and many more production services for your commercial, TV or film production in New Zealand, including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

New Zealand

Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in New Zealand

Tax breaks / incentives

New Zealand (NZ) has three screen production incentive schemes. All offer cash grants to productions which achieve a certain level of qualifying NZ production expenditure.

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG) – NZ & Official Co-Productions incentivises medium to large productions with significant NZ content. Eligible projects can access a cash grant up to 40% of Qualifying NZ Production Expenditure (QNZPE) provided their QNZPE is at least NZ$2.5m (feature film) or the relevant minimum threshold for the format (TV projects). Grants are capped at NZ$6m per production, unless the production qualifies for an Additional Grant (capped at a further NZ$14m). Only NZ resident companies can apply. 

The NZSPG – International encourages large budget productions to film in NZ. Eligible formats can access a cash grant equivalent to 20% of QNZPE.  To be eligible QNZPE must be at least NZ$15m (feature film) or NZ$4m (TV projects). Only NZ resident companies can apply.

The Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) grant provides a 20% cash grant to productions which have incurred NZ$500,000 or more QNZPE on PDV work in NZ.

More information can be found on the New Zealand Film Commission website.

During the Cannes Film Festival in May 2014, a co-production agreement was signed between Denmark and New Zealand, strengthening the ties in the film and TV industries in the two countries. It allows filmmakers from both countries to seek funding from the other, as well as streamlining application processes.