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A Russian shoot for Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes is to star in Two Women, which will shoot this summer in Smolensk, Russia. The film is a Russian, German and UK co-production, and will be filmed entirely in Russian and French.

Adapted from the Ivan Turgenev play, A Month in the Country, it will be directed by Vera Glagoleva. The lead producer is Natalia Ivanova of Horosho Productions in Moscow, in co-operation with DK-Soda Films - a UK partnership between David P Kelly and Soda Pictures co-directors Eve Gabereau and Edward Fletcher.

Ralph Fiennes’ agent Simon Beresford said “Ralph is delighted to be involved in this exciting project, playing the wonderful role of Rakitin and as a sign of his deep commitment is studying Russian for the role. He has always been a great admirer of Russian culture and looks forward to working there this summer.”

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