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Real life spy story to shoot in Prague

Anand Tucker is to direct The Inside Outside Man, set in 1930s Germany. Filming is to take place at the Barrandov Studios in Prague in the autumn.

Haas Silver Levene Film Group (HSL) are making the film with Prague-based producer Matthew Stillman and Stillking. HSL are developing the project as part of their $120m Prague Real Story slate, consisting of seven features based on true stories, all to shoot in the Czech Republic.

Lead producer and writer Timothy Haas has written the screenplay, originally developed some time ago with Ian Bowater.

The film tells the true story of Frank Foley and his wife Kay. Officially a passport officer based at the British Embassy in Berlin, Foley was actually Britain’s chief spymaster in Germany, working for MI6, at a time when the terrifying rise of Hitler was unfolding nearby.  

The film is supported by previously unseen material, drawn from Haas’ own family and personal accounts from surviving witnesses. Haas says: “My grandfather knew Frank Foley. He was a friend of his, Foley having spirited Hans and his family (including my mother Eve) out of Germany, a year after Hitler came to power in 1933. I am delighted that Anand Tucker will direct this extraordinary story which has been many years in the works.”

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