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A robust year for Swedish cinema

The HotelThe Swedish Film Institute has released figures relating to the Swedish film industry and how it performed last year.

In 2012, 42 feature-length Swedish films were released in Sweden, on a par with 2009-2010, and a little up on 2011’s total. The number of documentaries was slightly down on previous years, although the amount of fiction films made was up on 2011’s figure.  

There were well over 4 million admissions to Swedish film in the country during 2012, the second highest over the last five years. Swedish film took 22.1% of the market share, up nearly 3%, demonstrating Swedish cinema goers’ desire to see ‘home-grown’ productions.  

Swedish film abroad benefitted from a new film agreement, one of the aims of which is for Swedish film to have representation across ten important film festivals a year. A respectable nine out of ten was achieved by the end of 2012. A significant leap also occurred in admissions for Swedish film abroad, up by 64% on the previous year.

Perhaps surprisingly given these robust statistics it was found that, of the average 80 feature-length films a year watched by Swedes, just two of these were watched at the cinema. With the majority of the remainder being seen on TV channels, around 4% were viewed through video-on-demand services, a figure that has doubled since the last survey.

It will be interesting to see how things shape up by the end of 2013, with films such as Lisa Langseth's Hotell (pictured) adding to Sweden's feature film output.

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