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Director Michael Radford breaks ties from Spanish film La Mula

La mulaBritish director Michael Radford has removed his name from the credits of Spanish war film La Mula after walking away from the project over reported finance issues with the producer, just days before the film wrapped.

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El Pais, Secun de la Rosa, one of the main actors in the movie, said: "Radford had led us fantastically. The British went home crying because they had become very emotionally involved in the film."

French director Sebastián Grousset was called in to finish the project, allegedly wearing a balaclava to protect his identity.

Released last month in Spain and based on the novel by Juan Eslava Galan, the film centres on a soldier protecting a mule during the Spanish Civil War.

Friction was reported between Radford and producers throughout the film’s production, with Radford suspending filming over apparent unsigned production agreements with Gheko Films.

Made with British and Irish funding, the Spanish language film was as a co-production between Radford, Gheko Films (Spain), Integral Films (Germany) and Subotica Entertainment (Ireland). Radford, who won an Oscar for 1994’s Il Postino (The Postman), also co-wrote the film.


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